Summer is here!

Summer break is here, and with it comes a change to the daily routine for kids in the Tippecanoe County juvenile justice system.

Over the summer, youth in juvenile justice programs take part in many special activities. Activities are designed
  • To teach youth how to fill their time with positive activities
  • To enrich their minds
  • To promote good health and fitness
  • To reward positive behavior
In the past, youth have scheduled time to go to area parks, swim, ride bikes, hike, go to museums, tour Purdue University, take art classes, go fishing, join library reading groups, play miniature golf, or enjoy a trip to the movies. Cary Home’s Summer Enrichment Program is unique in that the residents actually plan, schedule, and budget for their own activities.

Kids in the juvenile justice system also fill their summer days attending school, working, and volunteering at local service agencies. As they graduate from various programs, they take with them knowledge of positive ways to spend their time in the community as alternatives to negative activities they may have engaged in before.

Your support can help ensure that the kids in our juvenile justice system have a safe, healthy, and memorable summer. Please consider making a donation of cash or in-kind gifts such as movie, mini golf, or pool passes. By helping fill their time with fun and rewarding activities, you will have made a definite impact on shaping the future of our youth. Go to for information on how to donate and a complete wish list of needed items.

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